Nov 19

Debunking Common Myths About Pea Protein Powder

The protein supplement industry has flourished in recent years, and a wide selection of products have been developed to suit the different needs of consumers. Plant-based protein supplements like pea protein powder are an alternative to common whey based protein powders, but some believe it isn’t as effective. Here are the most common myths about pea protein powder debunked.

  • Pea protein is incomplete

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are found in the cells, muscle and tissue in our body. Our body can produce some amino acids, but the ones that can’t be produced by the body are known as essential amino acids. “Complete proteins” contain all nine essential amino acids and “incomplete proteins” do not. Many believe that pea protein isolate isn’t complete compared to its whey counterparts however, it actually does contain all nine essential amino acids and is, therefore, a “complete protein”.

  • Pea protein can’t help build muscle mass

The main misconception at the core of this myth is that consuming animal flesh is the only way to improve lean muscle mass. This isn’t true as there are many vegetable sources of protein that can help build lean muscle too. Lysine, Arginine and Glutamine are just some of the amino acids found in pea protein isolate which help with muscle synthesis and recovery.

  • Pea protein is low quality

There’s nothing inferior about the quality of plant-based protein in comparison to whey based protein powder. Pea protein is well digested and highly bio-available. It won’t make you bloat like whey protein does, which is why it why this natural plant based protein is preferred by most women.

  • Pea protein can only be consumed by vegans and vegetarians

Just like with all other vegetarian and vegan-friendly products, meat eaters aren’t restricted from using Vital Pea Protein Powder. Pea protein powder is often used for people with lactose, soy and gluten allergies too.

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