Apr 17
Elyse Knowles IMG

Elyse Knowles

Elyse has been using Vital products from the age of seventeen, and has said ”I have always been obsessed with healthy living and I would always go into health food shops and ask questions and someone put me on to Vital Greens when I was younger and it’s just followed with me throughout my life … now I live by it every day”. 

In interviews, Elyse has spoken about how Vital Greens (now renamed Vital All-In-One) has continued to form an integral part of her daily routine; ”So many people ask me what I eat and drink to keep healthy and I always say the same thing… I start every day off with a healthy breakfast that includes Vital Greens, because I know that it’s giving me everything I need for my day.”

As a genuine advocate for the brand, the partnership was born. Elyse is the perfect ambassador for the Vital product range, not only because she has been taking Vital All-In-One every day for many years but because her fit and healthy lifestyle perfectly fits with the Vital brand!

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