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Reflecting on the history of Vital All-In-One. An interview with founders Stephen and Shane.

Vital Greens has recently been renamed it to Vital All-In-One to highlight the comprehensiveness of the formula, that it much more than just greens! To celebrate the launch of our new name, we are looking back at the history of Vital with founders Stephen Sprada and Shane Sullivan.


What prompted you to develop Vital Greens in 2000 (now called Vital All-In-One)?
As a naturopath I was seeing countless patients who would come in with piles of vitamins in bags, and say look I’m taking this and just not getting better, and what I discovered, was that in that time and now of course, a lot of people suffer with digestive disorders and basically don’t absorb what they are taking… People were not absorbing the nutrients from their food or the pills they were taking. Stephen 

Basically, it was to provide something that the market did not have and initially our patients as well. A comprehensive formula that we could give patients to supplement whatever therapeutic direction we were taking them in. So, this was their broad spectrum multi nutrient formula…that basically covered all nutritional bases in the background. It gave us more confidence in treating someone. Shane


Why was Vital Greens (now Vital All-In-One) made in powder form?
The powder allowed us to include a lot more nutrients in volume than you could get in a capsule, equivalent of a Vital All-In-One dose is about seven capsules, eight capsules deepening on size. So that gave us a big opportunity to put these daily nutrients in correct levels, they weren’t just token amounts. That then allowed us to say we’ve got what you need in one hit, every day. Shane

The size of the tablets people had to swallow… you know they’d be going in one end and coming out the other because they are difficult to digest. You’re not going to be able to digest the nutrients from that, yeah so that was really what it was about, absorption in the early days. Stephen


Has the nutrition market changed since Vital was developed?
Yes, there has been a big flow of products very similar to Vital All-In-One. People did look to our formula and make products very similar so there is more competition on the market than there was 15 or 20 years ago. I think customer loyalty is key to Vital, the people that liked it in the beginning will still be taking it. Stephen


As a naturopath, why did people then and why do people now take Vital Greens (now Vital All-In-One?)
Low energy is a very common ailment that presents to any practice and basically, we try to work out why that person is low in energy and nine times out of ten it might be because of what they are eating, what they are not eating, how fast they were eating. Vital All-In-One is a really good product to give to someone that was low in energy because you absorb a lot of nutrients that you’re not getting in their diets. Stephen

People are not eating very well, the stats on the amount of fruit and veggies that people consume is way below what it should be, to maintain a good level of health. Digestive problems I think were one of the most problems that presented, and that was alleviated with Vital Greens, digestive disorders usually to do with stress. Stephen.

If your body was trying to work out what it needed in a day it would come up with something very similar to this. Shane


What are the benefits of taking Vital All-In-One?
It covers all your bases nutritionally. It’s basically a dietary band aid because it does make up for, to a certain extent, your lifestyle excesses and also deficiencies in your diet. It contains measured doses, so they more than come to the recommended daily allowances of basically everything you would need in the diet, so you could basically live on Vital Greens marooned on a desert island and actually be quite healthy. Shane.

It basically contains the things people aren’t getting in their diet… all the benefits of good nutrition that people are not getting in their daily diet. Vital All-In-One is your basic formula that’s what you need to be healthy and not overweight and unwell. Stephen


Stories with people who take it?
People were making a point of saying they had never felt as well since they were taking Vital Greens…arthritics was one area where people did get improvement I think because it neutralised a lot of the acidity and so when you are more alkalined then you don’t have as much pain or deterioration Stephen

They were a lot of people with gut problems they were major…people around them noticed, [they became] …raving converts. Shane


What do you think about the name change from Vital Greens to Vital All-In-One?
So, because it’s so comprehensive, it’s a logical step. The name Vital All-In-One helps to cut through consumer confusion with greens products on the shelf because other greens products don’t have as much benefits. From a marketing point of view it’s good, from a health point of view it’s good too, because people don’t have to take this pill, that pill, this pill, if they take one formula they are getting everything they need. Stephen.

The name highlights the comprehensiveness of it and the specific focus on getting everything you need, from the diet in a daily dose. Shane

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