Apr 27
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From where we have come:


When the Vital Greens formula was developed in 2000 by Sydney naturopaths Stephen Sprada and Shane Sullivan, they wanted to create a comprehensive multi-nutrient supplement that gave their patients everything they need in a day. Their aim was to create a ‘one-stop shop’ that covered all bases nutritionally, in one simple serve. They developed Vital Greens, a water soluble powder formula to support optimal health. Vital Greens enabled their patients to shop taking numerous multi-vitamin pills, but in two simple teaspoons, give their body’s everything they ‘look for in the diet, to maintain itself’ Shane Sullivan founder.


Introducing Vital All-In-One

To accurately highlight this comprehensiveness of the formula, Vital Greens has recently been renamed to Vital All-In-One!

The rebranding was inspired through consumer feedback. We have realised the name did not properly reflect how many benefits the formula has, that is so much more than just a greens product, it gives you all you need, all in one. The formula contains seventy-eight vital ingredients to support optimal health. Unlike other greens products on the market, it contains digestive enzymes, over fourteen billion probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, superfoods and much more! Carefully crafted Vital All-In-One was made to be suitable for everyone. It is vegan friendly, dairy free, soy free and wheat free.

We are thrilled bring our loyal consumers along in our brand revitalisation to Vital All-In-One

Vital All-In-One it is the same Vital Greens formula you love, the same price, just with a new name and look!

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