Nov 25

The Role Of Digestive Enzymes In The Body

Enzymes are essential for a healthy digestive system and a healthy body. An enzyme is a protein that’s made up of a long chain of amino acids. They occur in 6 main forms, each serving a different function, and helps speed up chemical reactions in the body. There are a few factors that can affect how enzymes behave in your body, ranging from an irregular temperature and your pH levels, to the existence of certain health conditions in your body. If your body’s ability to produce enzymes is inhibited, you face the risk of being unable to process certain nutrients.

  • Digestive enzymes and the role they play

As the term suggests, digestive enzymes are specific proteins that facilitate the breakdown of nutrients in the digestive system. Carbohydrates are needed for energy and protein is needed to repair muscle however, these need to be broken down so the body can process them. The enzymes below aid in the digestion of food:

Amylase – this is present in saliva, the pancreas and intestinal fluids where it assists with processing starches.

Lipases – this is present in pancreatic fluids and the stomach itself where it helps the body process fats.

Proteases – this is found in intestinal and pancreatic fluids and stomach where it assists with the breakdown of proteins.

  • What if you don’t have enough enzymes?

A lack of digestive enzymes results in a reduced ability to digest food and extract the nutrients you need from it. Stress, medication, a fever, aging and pancreatic diseases can all affect proper enzyme production. Some people naturally don’t produce enough enzymes which can affect the digestion of food, e.g. if someone cannot produce enough lactase, they can develop lactose intolerance as their body can’t break it down.

  • How a supplement can help

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