Nov 26

Vital Ambassador Elyse Knowles go-to-workouts!


The banded crab walk is a Vital part of Elyse’s warm ups.
The movement is used to activate the lower body, specifically the top of the glute. By stimulating and activating this part of the body prior to exercising, it ensures the glutes are working during the rest of the workout. It is also a great way to minimise potential for injury.
Jack Boon, Elyse’s trainer explains, ‘the glutes are an extremely complex muscle to be able to work and they are also extremely important. The glutes work in pair with the lower abs and they are the weak spots of most people bodies. The stronger your glutes, generally speaking, the less lower back pain.”
For this warm up you will need a resistance band and a bit of space. Start by placing the resistance band on either side of the knees and set the appropriate amount of tension by turning the knees outward. Your bottom should be out behind (similar to being in a half squat). Keeping the resistance band tense, step outward against the tension and follow with the other leg. You should feel a burning in your glutes and thighs as you walk against the resistance.


The sumo deadlift is a variation of the conventional deadlift, characterised by the arms being positioned on the inside of the legs, an upright torso and a wide stance. It is a great one for people with shorter arms.
This exercise will work on your glutes and hamstrings predominantly but also the quads, hips and upper traps.
To do the sumo deadlift correctly it is important to have a wide stance, keep your glutes high, shoulder blades locked and then you can push to the floor. Ensuring a correct technique is vital as doing the sumo deadlift incorrectly can lead to undue stress being placed on the lower back and potential injury. Elyse explains, ‘it has taken me a long time to get this to this stage doing this exercise. It is all about technique.’ She also stresses this exercise will not make you bulk, but wants to teach people it is about toning and keeping lean.


The hanging leg raise is a fantastic workout to activate your core, particularly the lower core.
For this exercise it is important to perform with control and contractions and avoid any swinging or momentum. This is because when not controlled there are many muscles surrounding the abs which will take over as the lead.,
The more this exercise is done, the more your core strength is improved! An aim for this is to complete 4 sets of 10 reps, but start by doing what you can and incrementally increase as you go on.


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